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Actual realization of the idea of Club foundation consists of several stages.

Round-table conference of BMTP

On the shooting range of BMTP

The first stage is the conference of the partners of Machine-Tool Plant which concerned firearms and ammunition sales in regions. It took place on the base of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC on April, 26-27 2001. 

The Direction noticed the necessity of  meetings of company's representatives, force structure bodies, leading region customers for the discussion of ammunition sales problems in regions.  

Conference topics were:

  • tendencies of firearm and ammunition sales in regions;
  • problems of firearm and ammunition sales, which are met by the trading organizations;
  • region conditions of firearm and ammunition market (supply and demand situation according to trends, calibers; level of prices);
  • suggestions for the increasing  of production efficiency and promotion of firearms and ammunition in regions;
  • opinions and suggestions for region agent foundation on the base of region trade partners of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" JSC.

During the meeting  new Russian firearm and ammunition testing was held on shooting range of "BMTP" OJSC. 

The testing was held by the companies-manufacturers: "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" JSC and Vyatsko-Polyanskiy Machine-Tool Plant "Molot". 

Firearms and cartridges tested: 

  • Hunting carbine with manual reloading, cal. .30-06 Springfield with "Tikka" parts, produced by "Molot"; sporting&hunting cartridges cal. 7.62x63 (.30-06 Spring Springfield) with steel and brass case and 4 bullet coating type, produced by "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC;
  • Hunting carbine CH-91/30 cal. 7.62x54R and cartridges 7.62x54R (FMJ and SP);
  • Hunting self-loading gun GS-12M cal.12 and cartridges cal. 12x70 with steel case;
  • Carbine range "Vepr" cal. 7.62x39; 5.56x45; 7.62x51; cartridge range of the same cal.

Conference defined the necessity of  meetings of producers-partners and trade-partners.

Participants in 2002

Winners of the shooting competition

The second stage is the conference on the base of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC on June, 19-20 2002. During the conference the idea of Club foundation as a legal unit - non-profit organization was suggested. 

Ideological initiators were Victor I. Ermolaev (Head of Sales Department at that time), Anatoliy G. Kobrusev, (President of "Berkut" JV Ltd.), Alexander N.Alkhov (Director "Sayga" Ltd.), Victor A. Yashkin (General Director of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC), Iakov I.Altergot (Commercial Director of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC); idea realization - Irina S. Sidorova. 

The following foundation goals and aim were presented: 

The main goal is region merchandising optimization of  ammution producton of  "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC in order to increase sales. 


  • Easy terms for constant huge partners of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC;
  • Effective interaction with region clients in the matter of assortment, price, quality etc.;
  • Opportunity of sales regulation and control.
Leading trade partners of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC were interested in such an idea. It was decided to found Club as non-profit organization that is confirmed in Constitutional convention Protocol and in Articles. 

Participants of the first official conference of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC

The third stage is state registration of non-profit organization "Association of distributors and dealers of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC.

Incorporators and the first official participants of Association were the next companies: "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC (Barnaul), Gunshop "Tigr" Ltd.(Krasnoyarsk), DPC "Oruzheyniy Dom" CJSC (Mytischi), "Baikal" CJSC (Izhevsk), "Ohotsporttovari" Ltd.(Vladivostok), "Sayga" Ltd.(Pavlodar, Kazakhstan), Gunshop "Patron" Ltd.(Tumen), TH "Altizh" Ltd.(Barnaul), "Izhevsk Guns in Siberia" Ltd.(Tomsk), "Zashchita-S" Ltd.(Kirov), "Berkut" JV Ltd., (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine), "Strelok" CJSC(Pyatigorsk), TH "Skaut" CJSC(Barnaul), "Kavkasioni-Iberia" Ltd.(Tbilisi, Georgia), "Kiokushenkay Tron" Ltd.(Blagoveshensk). 

Geographic variety of regions and necessity of having original constitutive documents made registration slow (documents were sent to the companies by courier mail).

Association is officially registered (Certificate of registration series 22 000440528, April, 24 2003, PSRN 1032202169141) and continues its activity and development as non-profit organization. 

The first official meeting was held in 2003. It was a Conference on the base of "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC with a trip to Gorniy Altai. It was a significant event and a new work method on the sales market. It combined job and leisure and therefore made the time unforgettable. 

During the business part new products of Vyatsko-Polyanskiy Machine-Tool Plant "Molot" and "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" OJSC were represented. Special attention was paid to the development of shooting ranges. "Berkut" JV Ltd. and "Patron" Ltd. shared their experience in such business. 

On general meeting new companies were included in Association according to the work results in regions: "Baianai-Center" Ltd(Yakutsk), "Valetto" Ltd.(Riga, Latvia), Deurus GmbH(Schonebeck, Germany). 

"Kiokusnenkay Tron" LLC (Blagoveschensk) was excluded from the Association.

New production demonstration of VPMTP "Molot"

"Sayga" Ltd. (Pavlodar, Kazakhstan) was the sales leader in 2002-2003. 

The forth stage - visiting meetings for learning the business of dealers in different regions. 

The first visiting meeting was held in 2004 in Pyatigorsk on the base of a region dealer - "Strelok" CJSC. 

The second visiting meeting was held on the base of "Sibirskiy Skaut" Ltd.(Irkutsk) in 2005.

The third visiting meeting was held in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) on the base of a region dealer "Berkut" JV Ltd. in 2006.

The forth visiting meeting was held in 2007 on Altay. Association was 5 years old. Visiting meeting was held in Gorniy Altai.

The fifth visiting meeting was held in 2008 in St.Petersburg.

The sixth visiting meeting was held in 2009 in Almati, Kazakhstan.

7th visiting meeting took place in Jurmala in 2010

8th visiting conference took place in Hamburg in 2011.

Visiting meetings weren't possible without assistance of host companies and their directors. 

Thanks directors and staff of co-organizers of Dealer Club:

  • General Director of "Strelok" CJSC, Pyatigorsk - Viktor N. Zotov (the first visiting meeting in 2004 in Pyatigorsk);
  • Deputy Director General of "Strelok" CJSC, Pyatigorsk - Oleg S. Sorokin (the first visiting meeting in 2004 in Pyatigorsk);
  • Director of "Sibirskiy Skaut" Ltd., Irkutsk - Andrei V. Fomenko (visiting meeting in 2005 in Irkutsk);]
  • President of "Berkut" Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine - Anatoliy G. Kobrusev (visiting meeting in 2006 in Ukraine);
  • Director of Baltic shooting center, "Waffen Boutique" Ltd., St.Petersburg - Vitaliy V. Surovov (visiting meeting in 2008 in St.Petersburg);
  • Director of "Sayga" Ltd., Pavlodar, Kazakhstan - Alexander N. Alkhov (visiting meeting in 2009 in St.Petersburg);
  • Chairman of the Board of HA "Jaanikese", Valga, Estonia - Jaan Balodis Felix-Arnold (visiting meeting 2010 in Baltic states)

Association is planning to hold such visiting meetings on the base of region dealers in future, because it gives practical opportunity of learning advancrd methods of work of dealers and huge amount of useful information. 

Also, beginning from 2003, BCP together with dealers take part in leading specialized domestic and international exhibitions: ROST (Izhevsk, Russia with "Baikal" CJSC, "Izhevskiy Arsenal" Ltd., "Izhevsk Guns" Ltd.), "Safety, signalization, guardians" (Astana, Kazakhstan with "Sayga" Ltd.), "Hunting&fishing" (Irkutsk, Russia with "Sibirskiy Skaut" Ltd.), IWA (Nurnberg, Germany with "Hans Wrage" and "Deurus'). Association organizes dealer's attendance of some exhibitions, in particular, Association participants attend Moscow exhibition "Hunting&fishing on Russia" and IWA. 

We express thanks to our dealers for assistance in exhibition participation. 

During the period from the foundation of Association  till now dealer domestic and foreign sales increased in several times, dealer ration in total sales increased from 14.25% in 2002-2003 to 71.38% in 2008-2009. 

The fifth stage - "Barnaul cartridges - to each consumer!" 

New region marketing politics was developed from the Conference in 2007. 

BCP needs to realize marketing methods in region work:

  • Leading official dealer collects small companies' orders;
  • Optimal region pricing, discounts for official dealers;
  • Promotion through participation in region exhibitions, fairs, advertising actions in association with BCP;
  • Annual  sales growth by regional dealers;
  • Drawing of new regions in sales of sporting and hunting cartridges of BCP;
  • Feedback with the consumers;
  • Innovation projects with the participation of distributors and dealers.

We wish distributors, dealers and partners of Barnaul Cartridge Plant business growth, development, success and new interesting business directions!

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