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Entry conditions

Entry conditions 

Membership criteria

Member of Association is a company - commercial partner of "Barnaul Cartridge Plant" CJSC, which actively sells and promotes products of "BCP" CJSC on a particular region of Russian market, the CIS and other foreign markets, herewith:

  • cooperating with "BCP" CJSC not less then 3 years;
  • having optimal region annual sales, but not less than 1 million rubles;
  • complying with contractual obligations and terms of payment, having no debts prior to "BCP" CJSC;
  • developing sales network and increasing number of clients through base region dealer.

In some cases, upon recommendation of Board of Directors, company, not requested on these characteristics, may become a member Association if it is perspective for definite region market work. 

Admission and expulsion procedure 

Admission is performed on the base of a written application of a candidate, addressed to the Board of Directors, applied at the location of Association executive agency. 

Application must contain confirmation that the candidate is acquainted with Articles and is obliged to comply with it. 

Candidate becomes a member of Association after reasonable decision and entry fee paid according to article 4.2.4; 4.2.; 4.1; 5.2.9 of Articles. 

Expulsion occurs in the following cases: 

  • If according to the annual results member doesn't match criteria, mentioned in article 7.1 of Articles of Association.
  • If member of Association doesn't comply with Articles of Association.
  • If member of Association with his activity or inactivity hinder getting goals and objectives and accomplishment of the measures.
  • If a company-member of Association in the name of its authorized representative doesn't take part in General Assembly two times running.

Board of Directors, President, and any member of Association may initiate expulsion. 

In case of voluntary secession or expulsion entry, monthly and purpose fees are not to be returned. 

If necessary for Board of Directors and (or) Executive Directory application may be accompanied with:

  • Constituent documents of the company-candidate;
  • Analytical report about candidate work, in particular, promotion of "BCP" CJSC cartridges;
  • Other unconfident information at Board of Directors' discretion.

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