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The sixth visiting meeting was held in 2009 in Almati, Kazakhstan. Different questions arose during the year were discussed. Special attention was paid to the 5 region leaders according to the work results and to the partnership with dealers in development of huge projects. The significant event was the project "Centaur"developed with the assistance of "Temp" Ltd.(Klimovsk, Moscow region). Negative moments in region work mentioned on the meeting were short supply from the side of "BCP" CJSC and the order of only a part of the range of cartridges by some dealers. This misbalance needs to be regulated. There was defined an opportunity of  education of the specialist from the dealers companies how to work with products of  BCP. The first stage was the creation of shop assistance handbook, which are made by BCP with the help of dealers for trading nets. Participants visited specialized training center of Association of guardians of Kazakhstan Republic in Almati, on the base of which Club of BCP organized field shooting and traditional competitions. Thanks directory and staff of the training center for professionally organized program!

There was "Aljans" TK Ltd. which specializes in transportation of all kind of loads on all kind of roads with all kind of transport. Its presentation is important for all the participants of the meeting and their partners as a tendency of learning logistics.

Round-table conference in Almati

Winners of shooting competition, Kazakhstan

National atmosphere was everywhere, beginning with the fashionable hotel "Alatau" with mountain view. Participants visited highland Chimbulak, Medeo, lift with a 3-level ropeway, Turgeon ravine with ostrich farm, Issuk kurgans, mountain waterfall, trout farm (with fishing), hop on tour, Kapchagay water storage, motor-boating and swimming in lagoon. 

Participants of visiting meeting, Kazakhstan

Companies "Sibirskaya Oruzheinaya Company" Ltd. and "Oruzheiniy Salon NVA" Ltd.  were restructured on the general meeting in 2009 according to the dealers mails.

"Sibirskiy Skaut" Ltd., Irkutsk was excluded from the Association on the general meeting in 2009 according to the business results. 

Hans Wrage, Hamburg, Germany was the sales leader in 2008-2009. 

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