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The forth visiting meeting was held in 2007 on Altay. Association was 5 years old. Visiting meeting was held in Gorniy Altai.

Barnaul tourist agency "Ohota" was co-organizer not because of its individual name but because of its reliability and responsibility(www.ohota.ru). Thanks the directorship and team of "Ohota" for its help. The results of 5-year-old job were consumed and perspectives were marked during the Conference. Participants of the meeting were interested in new products of Barnaul Cartridge Plant, in particular, the new UM-5 "Training" for typical practical shooting according to the writ of MVD of Russia 568, 15.07.2005 for private security and legal person with especial statutory goals. Cartridge .243 Win.(6,16x51), traumatic cartridges, pistol cartridges 9 mm Luger were represented as new products. The new trademark "Centaur" was presented. Demonstrational shooting was held during the meeting with the use of BCP cartridges, organized with the help of MVD of Republic of Altai. Thanks its staff. Participants did rafting on Katun, riding and bushwalk and were impressed with unique nature and Altai traditions. 

Participants of the fourth visiting meeting, Altai

"Tigr" Ltd.(Barnaul), "Salon Oruzhie" Ltd.(Tomsk), "Izhevsk guns" Ltd. (Izhevsk), "Waffen Boutique" Ltd.(St.Petersburg), "Sibir - 7" Ltd were included in Association on the general meeting according to the work results in regions. 

"Rosboepripasu" Ltd. was excluded from the Association. 

Hans Wrage (Hamburg, Germany) was the sales leader in 2006-2007. 

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