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300 AAC made by BCP

  JSC «Barnaul Cartridge Plant» has finished all the works devoted to the launch of  300  AAC FMJ  145 gr:

  Polymer coated steel case
  Bimetal coated bullet
  Ballistic coefficient (G1) – 0, 366
  Muzzle velocity V0 m/s (ft/s) – 605 (1985)
  Muzzle energy Å0, J (ft/lb)– 1720 (1268)
  Bullet dispersion P100 cm (inch)- ≤10(≤3,94)
  Max. Powder pressure, bar (lb/inch²) - ≤3500 (50763)
  Max. Length, mm (inch) – 54,7 (2,15)
  Average weight, gram (grain) – 15,505 (239)
  Rounds per box – 20



Report about examination of  300 AAC Blackout by JSC “BCP”, conducted by the partner Sporting Supply International (USA):


This report covers the examination and testing of steel cased 300 blackout ammunition produced by the Barnaul Cartridge Plant for SSI Wolf. The ammunition is new production but has heritage in the successful production of 5.56x45 ammunition. It is a supersonic loading with a 145-grain flat base FMJ type projectile in a steel Berdan primed case. As is typical, the case is coated with Polyformance grey polymer. The sample was supplied as a case of ammunition. Containing individual 20 round boxes. Rounds are set in a plastic tray. 



⚫ Cosmetic appearance

     Cases are generally well made with a uniform grey polymer coating and topped with a copper projectile. While the work was not undertaken it is presumed that the projectile follows typical construction and has a copper washed steel jacket filled with a soft lead core. No heavy scratches or  abrasive marks are visible to the naked eye and there are no other marks. Generally, the product has excellent appearance. The shoulder has good definition and appears to follow the SAAMI print as closely as the radii will allow. Primers are uniform depth and the projectiles are seated uniformly with good neck tension providing excellent retention during the feeding cycle of a typical 300 blackout AR.


⚫ Primer sensitivity


Primers ignited cleanly and no instances of failures or hang fires were observed during testing. Velocity figures imply that the primers are suitable and cleanly ignite the propellant being used. The residue is non-corrosive.

     Velocity of cartridges

Velocity was recorded from an Alexander Arms production 300 Blackout AR rifle with a magnetospeed chronograph. This rifle has a 16” conventionally rifles barrel with a 1 in 8 twist rate. Average velocity over a string of 10 shots was recorded at 1938 fps with an extreme spread of 50 fps. This is typical of commercially loaded 300 Blackout ammunition.





Accuracy was evaluated over a 100m and 200m range both on steel and also on paper targets. It was seen that an accuracy of 1.2 to 1.5 inches extreme spread for a 5 round group could be achieved with good confidence. This allowed shots on steel plates at 200 m to be made with reliability. Shots at 300m were more problematic but again this is typical of the caliber and not specific to the ammunition being examined.



⚫ Function.



      The ammunition was found to be reliable and function well within the test weapon. No failure ti feed or extract were observed and the weapon operated as expected with the bolt travelling fully during each cycle and holding back at the end of each magazine. For the work here both 10 and 20 round 5.56 magazines were used. It was found that the projectile pushes against the front ribs of the magazines and while it was not a problem for the magazines used, the rounds were tight to insert. For use in a 30 round magazine, 5.56 magazines will not be suitable for reliable feeding if fully loaded and caliber specific 300 Blackout magazines are the best  options. The reduced rib height will facilitate correct round stacking and function.


⚫ Geometry 






Early production


late production


SSI Wolf

Neck Diameter














Shoulder angle







Shoulder definition


R0,050 max





Body to shoulder definition







Shoulder Diameter







Shoulder position







Base Diameter







Rim Diameter







Rim Thickness







Projectile Diameter








⚫ Summary


The ammunition is well made and well suited to typical gas operated weapons in this caliber. No functional problems were found and the accuracy is acceptable for the caliber. Dimensionally the ammunition is towards the minimum but this is preferable within the fleet of commercial guns that now exist in the domestic US market. The shoulder definition and position add to this reliability. Primers did not require a heavy hammer impact or extended protrusion to ignite reliability. All testing was performed using a 16” barrel 300 Blackout caliber rifle with a 1H buffer and regular carbine action spring. Trigger was Guiselle SSA-E fixed match type.



⚫ Recommendations


Testing was reserved to standard temperatures and did not involve either low temperature conditioning  or accelerated aging of the ammunition. Neither condition is of grave concern given the experience of BCP in manufacturing ammunition.


Customers should be advised that the ammunition is best used in 300 Blackout magazines.





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