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Opinion of the Finnish shooters about cartridges of «Barnaul Cartridge Plant" CJSC

The dealer of "Barnaul Cartridge Plant" CJSC in Estonia, Hunting Association «Jaanikese", has given some material with  opinion of the president of Sport Shooters Association of Suomussalmi, Finland about  "Barnaul Cartridge Plant" CJSC cartridges:

During the summer 2010, between period 25.07.2010 - 29.08.2010 we shot in Suomussalmi, Finland about 500 000 pcs of 9x19 Barnaul handgun ammos.
Conclusions about these ammos are good.

So, facts:

  1. Less dirt inside the handguns with Barnaul cartridges, guns stayed in better condition.
  2. We changed barrels into 20 pcs of CZ SP01 and Shadow before 25th of July 2010. With these handguns we shot about 15 000 rounds without problems. Also bullets hits after 15 000 rounds stay in normal dimensions, we think we can shoot about 25 000 rounds with these barrels. After this we must change barrels.
  3. Extractors and other spare parts. We have changed 3-4 pcs of extractors during last summer. Also some other spare parts: Firing pins, recoil springs are in normal usage.
  4. Fired Barnaul brasses go out from the gun easily and there is no extra material in the chamber. We have also found out that used Barnaul brasses become rusty quite quickly and disappear into the soil. This is also a good feature, because normally brasses stay years on the ground.

We must honestly say that earlier we had some prejudice against steel based bullets and we preferred copper based bullets. Now, after 500 000 rounds our opinion has changed.

It is the truth that cooper based barrels stay in good condition up to 35 000- 40 000 rounds, but we compare prices and barrels consumption.

This ratio is very good in Barnaul ammos. It is cheaper for us to buy Barnaul ammos and change new barrels after 25 000 rounds than to buy more expensive ammos and change barrels after 35 000 rounds.

Also shooters have been satisfied with Barnaul ammos.

We have used Barnaul ammos without problems in following handguns:
CZ 75

Best Regards,
Matti Tapio
President of the Sport Shooters Association of Suomussalmi,


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